This Lil' Piggy Farm, AWA-certified for pigs, was awarded funding for mobile housing for pastured pigs. AWA Program Director Andrew Gunther offered his congratulations to farmer Rhonda Williams saying, “We received so many excellent proposals, it was difficult to choose from among the worthy applicants. Being selected is indeed an honor and we look forward to working with This Lil' Piggy Farm to make this project a success.” 

This Lil' Piggy Farm is family owned & operated. I am a 3rd generation pig farmer as well as a nurse. I enjoy nursing, but my heart has always remained true to the pigs! My values are simple in both careers: "To give the best life possible, promoting good health & happiness" 
I was blessed to have been raised on a farm growing up, not until I got older did I realize what a gift myself & my siblings had been given. Suddenly, flannel shirts & overalls didn't seem so bad! We had learnt the true values of life hands on and what our animals sacrificed for us. My thoughts of being ashamed of being a farmers daughter changed to actually feeling sorry for those friends I knew who didn't have animals or that were scared of the animals...my only thought was saddness for them on missing out on such a natural gift in life! 
So, once on my own, I continued farming (pig) and as they say..history repeats itself, I watch my son as I was growing up and his friends who come over with no knowledge of animals...and agian the sad feeling it brings that most children now days exsp will never know the 'value' animals have & what they sacrifice to give us continued life. This is one reason I specialize in FFA/4-H sales for the state of Florida, as well as offer humanely raised pork products.

About Products & Animals

I raise/breed Yorkshire/Duroc/Old Spot Mix pigs (Some refer to as F3 pigs, basically the 3 breeds together) These are breeds worked with over the last 3+ generations of my family. Reasoning for these breeds are: Yorkshire is a very muscular/lean meat, Durocs are very lean meat, as well as faster growing on less feed than most other pigs (cost effective to a point) & the Old Spots used to be called the 'lard pig' due to the excessive fat content in comparision to other breeds. (You can visit our website for more in depth reasoning related to nutritional/health value as well). 

We are extremely proud to be AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) Certified. Currently 1 (one) of 5 (five) farms in the state of Florida to be AWA Certified. We look forward to the continued growing of AWA farms in Florida. 
We also carry the USDA Approval. We are FFB (Florida Farm Burea & Florida State Agriculture Rescue Team Members) & FL SART members. 
As well as several other organizations you can visit on our website. I specialize in FFA/4-H sales for the state of Florida and pork packages. 
We welcome farm tours; educational or just for fun! We do require scheduled appointments for the tours. We have had the same farm vet for over 20 years! He does all the cutting of our males within 1 week of birth (per AWA regulations) as well as any medical needs of the pig/lets. 
We love & value him so much that we built him his own tempeture controlled 'med room', completed with his name plaque on the door! 
All our pigs are extremely tame/loving and I spend anywhere from 6-12+hrs/day with them. I birth all our litters, to ensure optimal survival rates. Piglets are cleaned/cords cut & betadined/weighed in and scored/health examed and are placed in a temp controlled heated playpen until momma is done farrowing & ready to meet all her new babies. 
They are given Iron injections following delivery also. Our expecting mommas are moved to our 'maternity ward' in the barn 1-2 weeks prior to delivery, where they are given 12x12 inside stall & 12x12 outside run, babies have an addtional 12x12 inside stall next to mommas where they can go enjoy the heat lights and reduce risk on accidents. (more info on website) We have 2 breeder boars on the farm & we also do AI (artificial insemenation) . We have 12 breeding sows currently. With continued growing demands we are exspanding our herd, but since we do maintain a closed herd and we don't bring outside pigs in to our farm, our growing is somewhat slower but totally worth it!

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